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What I miss about San Diego…

Even before I actually left San Diego over a year and a half ago, I knew there were things I’d be giving up indefinitely. There’d be no more….

Pacific Beach from Mission Bay

View of Pacific Beach from Mission Bay Park
(photo from this post)

Downtown from Harbor Island

View of Downtown & Coronado Bridge from Harbor Island
(photo from this post)

Downtown from Coronado

View of Downtown from Coronado
(photo from this post)

But I somehow make-do by jumping on the Riverfront Loop Trolley where I can gaze at the Memphis Pyramid, see the happenings at Court Square, marvel at the details of the historic Kress Building, and wonder why I haven’t set foot inside the Orpheum yet.

And while it bothers me to no end that I have had nary a morsel of…


(photo from this post)

Ginger Pound Cake

Ginger Pound Cake with Apricot Glaze
(photo from this post)

Chocolate Truffle Slice

Chocolate Truffle Slice
(photo from this post)

Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake
(photo from this post)

Here in Memphis, Cheesecake Corner (special mention: their Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel White Chocolate cheesecakes), and Whole Foods (special mention: their chocolate-covered cheesecake bitelette), and The Fresh Market all have been wonderful substitutes!

Now as far as food (the course *before* dessert), while I terribly miss devouring never-frozen patties from the only place I know…


In-N-Out’s unprocessed fries and their never-frozen patties with hand-leafed lettuce…….OMG!
(photo from this post)

Kooky Canuck and Huey’s (special mention: their Madison Avenue Burger) easily satisfies my burger cravings.

That said, there’s one thing I haven’t gotten past yearning for…and that’s the beer-battered fish at Rubio’s, where it sits atop a corn tortilla and white sauce like this …

Rubio's Fish Tacos

Rubio’s Fish Tacos
(photo from this post)

Or when it’s wrapped inside a tortilla with cabbage and black beans. *sniffle*

Rubio's fish burrito

Rubio’s fish burrito with fried tortilla chips and a side of beans
It’s gotta be the Southern Californian in me! :p

I soooo want my life to be fishy whole again.

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  1. Love your blog!

    1 Posted by Douglass Cherenfant | December 13, 2010, 11:15 am
  2. Awwww, thanks so much!!!

    My new year’s resolution is to be more consistent in posting so I hope you drop by every now and then. 😀

    2 Posted by webmistress | January 3, 2011, 5:51 pm

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