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REVIEW: Rubio’s Fish Tacos

Besides In-N-Out (the giveaway has ended, but see photos!), my other weakness, my Kryptonite–but in a good way–is Rubio’s.  It has to be a  Southern Californian thang, because when I lived on the East Coast and fish tacos or burritos were nowhere to be found, the mere mention of fish tacos drew blank stares.  I don’t blame ’em.  Beer-battered fish wrapped in a tortilla. Huh? With cabbage and white sauce. Excuuuse me? Of course salsa is also part of the taco but I’m a certified, grade-A wuss with anything spicy.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste for us Southern Californians, because we live by the coast and seafood isn’t too difficult to find ’round here.  So for those of you living in the 45 states* deprived of  this fine cuisine, may I present to you Rubio’s Fish Tacos.

Rubio's fish tacos

Exhibit A & B

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The location near me has “Fish Taco Tuesdays” and I save over a buck for each taco! Woohoo!  Anyone wanna take a wild guess where I had dinner two nights ago? 🙂

Rubio's fish tacos

Ohh yeah, Exhibit A is ready to be devoured

Rubio's fish tacos

Exhibit B:  A fish taco in all its nakedness

* Just before I started writing this post, I googled Rubio’s locations–and apparently they’re only in the Southwest, 5 states!!  Now I really feel like an idiot for thinking people in the East coast didn’t get out much.  Wontcha please forgive me?  Oh c’mon, I’m asking nicely.

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2 comments for “REVIEW: Rubio’s Fish Tacos”

  1. Three years ago I ate fish tacos in Cabo and they didn’t uh, settle well or something.

    1 Posted by Theresa | February 28, 2009, 10:26 am
  2. Eww.

    I’ve eaten at maybe half a dozen Rubio’s in 2 states and have never had a problem. 🙂

    2 Posted by webmistress | March 4, 2009, 12:41 pm

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