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Court Square

Some 16 months ago as a newcomer, I was eager to explore Memphis (still am, BTW). My then-roommate and I had gone for an afternoon stroll starting at Tom Lee Park and consequently ended up in downtown at *this* park. I was clueless as to where we were. Here’s the excerpt from that post:

We walked block after block after leaving the (Autozone) ballpark. I lost track of which street we were on and which direction (north? east?) we were headed. I do know at one point we ended up in some public park. We weren’t welcomed because members of the State Bar were having a shindig and under the protection of uniformed guards.

I honestly thought it was only a few months ago, not over a year ago. Time sure flies. It’s time to finally let ya’ll in on the name of the park and nearby “unknown” building. :p

Court Square, a public park in existence since 1819, is a block east from my fave park, Confederate Park. Between Main Street (where the trolleys run) and 2nd Street, the park is surrounded by buildings, and has both a gazebo and fountain. During lunchtime in the summer, local musicians perform for the public while a hot dog vendor is also close at hand.

Court Square

The park’s rules

Court Square

Thankfully I had a Memphis Flyer with me to block the bright sun

Court Square

Fountain in the center of the park
Photo taken facing west (toward Main Street)

Court Square

Side view of the fountain
The gazebo is on the right; Memphis police car on left (speaking of which, police cars here are hawtttt)

Court Square

I’m looking due east (towards 2nd Street)

Court Square

The beautiful fountain

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Court Square

Better view of gazebo in background

Court Square

The lovely gazebo

Court Square

Tall building just south of the park

Court Square

“In memory of Walter Malone”

Court Square

Plaque on ground near 2nd Street

Court Square

Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, was still in his teens (18-19) when he lived in Memphis

Tennessee Club

Photo taken last year (from this post) when I had no idea how I even got there

Court Square

I :heart; this building; it’s the, drum roll please….

Court Square

…The Tennessee Club!

I’m a little indecisive about my next post. It will either be Chocolate Chip Bread or Orpheum…..or neither. :p

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