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Community Bakery’s tempting treats

My life’s been cRAzY the last two months. In a nutshell, I’ve moved twice (the first digs was more or less a pit stop for six weeks then again last Friday). I’ve also been focusing on better employment opportunities the past few weeks, even if it means leaving the city of BBQ, Blues, and Beale Street, my home since 2009. I know I’ll eventually end up in the Pacific Northwest but since we’re living in tough economic times right now, I’m open to uprooting to where the jobs are. Enough serious talk. Something tells me you’re ready to see the mouthwatering treats that can be had from downtown Little Rock.

On this date with Jeff (um, Date #11), we picked out 3 desserts from Community Bakery (on Main Street) and were pretty much homebodies the rest of the weekend. I will neither confirm nor deny whether it was due to all the chocoooolate and sugar. :p

Chocolate Decadence
“Chocolate Decadence”
Display case at Community Bakery

Chocolate Decadence

On a plate at Jeff’s house just before we wolfed down this rich, chocolaty dessert

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Chocolate Decadence

Chocolaty? Check.

Chocolate Decadence

Decadent? Check, check.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

“Chocolate Mousse Cake”

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Too pretty to eat…

Chocolate Mousse Cake

…but the moist, thick layers made resisting impossible

Peaches & Cream Squares

“Peaches & Cream Squares”
Display case at Community Bakery

Peaches & Cream Squares

Coffee Cake Lovers: This one’s for you!

Peaches & Cream Squares

‘Twas delish! The flavor was peachy keen! :p

These are the goodies we had passed up, much to our chagrin:

Rum Mousse Scoops

“Rum Mousse Scoops”
Display case at Community Bakery

Chocolate & Coffee Creme Brulee Tart

“Chocolate & Coffee Crème Brûlée Tart”

Grand Mariner Tarts

“Grand Mariner Tarts”
Fairly sure this sign has a typo, but you didn’t hear it from me

Coming up is my 2nd fave pastry from Starbucks.

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