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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Howdy Pardner! The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is ending soon:  February 24th.

We went last year (and recently, but that’s a post for later), and let’s just say: We got our fill of “Fair Food”. If there was a time to partake in fried food, this was the place to do it!

Once we got to the food court, I checked every booth. I’m not ashamed to say I had my heart on finding–and trying— two things: a fried Twinkie, and fried candy bar.

Wanna see the food booths we fairgoers got to choose from?

Hot Beef Sundae? (What on earth?!)

Okay, it’s not your usual sundae from an ice cream parlor, LOL

The brewskis…

See how tough it was to pick out what we should try? Since we had decided early on to indulge in “Fair Food”… we feasted on these babies…

Corndog and lemonade
Nothing special about the corndog except its size

Wanna guess what this is? Hint: It’s fried! :p

Deep-fried Snickers
I was a bit surprised how amazingly good this was…and I’d totally eat it again!

Wisconsin cheddar cheese sample
OMG, this was delicious. If I lived in Wisconsin, I’d be in big trouble

Ah yes, deprived no more… I’ll finally get to try a deep-fried Twinkie

Bleh…definitely overrated; we threw half of it away

Soft-serve twist of chocolate and vanilla
We ate the whole thing, but it was quite unremarkable

Yet something else I’ve always wanted to try: Fried cookie dough on a stick!

Looks good; wish I could say the same about how it tasted

Besides the food, the other neat things (at least for me) were the farm equipment…

These “his and her” cowboy bar stools were adorable…

A better view of the guns :p

Cowhide (I think)

The moral of this post is if you’re anywhere near San Antonio’s Freeman Coliseum or AT&T Center and got a hankerin’ for yer pickins of food, ya best git yerself thar soon. :p

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  1. Hello! I’m commenting to ask if I can use your fried Snickers photo for an online article I’m writing. I write for, and this week I’m writing an article about fried food trends. Fried Snickers is on my list, and your picture looks delicious. Your website would receive credit at the bottom of the image. Thanks so much!

    -Abby Fosco

    1 Posted by Abby Fosco | February 20, 2015, 5:47 pm

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