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REVIEW: Skillet Biscuits & Sunday Gravy

Until recently, I’ve only had three memorable breakfasts. The first is the omelettes my oldest brother made when 3 good friends and I flew up to the Bay Area (California) to play “tourist” all over San Francisco for the weekend. The pancakes at Sam & Omie’s in Nags Head (Outer Banks, North Carolina), where many locals frequent. The blueberry pancakes at Richard Walker’s Pancake House in San Diego. Best blueberry pancakes ev-v-v-v-er.

The fourth one came as a fluke. My day was set to eat breakfast at a restaurant on the northern end of downtown, but after waiting 30 minutes and no sign it was opening soon, I decided to take my chances on Beale. Hunger will do that, y’know. Color me surprised but the restaurants and bars on Beale Street officially open at 11am. Somehow I thought it would be earlier. The only restaurant open was Miss Polly’s Soul City Cafe and my hunger pangs were in full swing.

I was a little worried the photos wouldn’t turn out because of the dimly lit interior, and I don’t particularly care for using the flash.

Skilled biscuits & Sunday gravy

Skillet Biscuits and Sunday Gravy
Three fresh baked hot biscuits topped with Sunday Gravy

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Soft, spongy biscuits topped with the perfect gravy. Ah yes, the breakfast of champions. LOL. This is “comfort food” for me. It came to my table steaming hotttt. I’m beginning to think there’s a steamy serving ritual here on Beale.

And for dessert I had…..

Fried Blueberry Pie

Homemade Skillet Fried Blueberry Pie

I’ve never had a fried pie, much less a skillet fried pie. Lemme tell you though, it’s something for all pie lovers to try!

Fried Blueberry Pie

I’d soooo eat at Miss Polly’s Cafe again. I’m hooked.

Beale Street before 11am

Notice anything unusual?
This is Beale Street before it officially opens at 11am. Hint to my question: “people”, in this case, lack thereof.

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Found on Beale Street:
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