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Tale of two trolleys

What do San Diego and Memphis have in common? I’ll give you 3 guesses. Um, never mind, I think my post title was a dead giveaway.

Even before I moved to Memphis, I knew about Beale Street and the Pyramid, but a trolley? Whodathunk?!

San Diego’s trolley cars are red and can accommodate hundreds of passengers per trip. There are 3 lines: Green, Orange, Blue, and each runs through the lower half of San Diego. (Its most northern location is Old Town, which borders Interstate 8). A ticket must be purchased before boarding or run the risk of being fined by one of the trolley “cops”. Last I heard, getting caught without a ticket or bus pass was $200+.

Here’s the fire engine red San Diego Trolley (the trolley car on the right anyway, LOL):

San Diego Trolley

The Santee station
Where the Green line ends/begins

The trolley here in Memphis costs $1 to ride and you pay once you step aboard. I think it’s fair to say that majority of tourists use the trolley system to get around downtown, and ultimately end up on Beale Street.

Memphis Trolley

One of the Main Street trolleys in Memphis
This one reasonably accommodates 20 passengers

To view photo in Flickr, go to

There are 3 lines: Riverfront Loop (has the same route as Main Street’s plus it loops around for a view of the Pyramid, Mississippi River, and gorgeous homes); Main Street (travels back and forth on Main Street); and Madison/Medical Center (takes you from the historic Madison hotel further into town, away from my beloved water). The trolley car colors I’ve seen are mainly pastel, like yellow, light purple, light blue. And if you must know, the Riverfront Loop route is my fave of all.

Memphis Trolley

All aboard! A dollar in the machine gets ya relaxing, picturesque views of Memphis

Memphis Trolley

Depending on which direction this trolley is travelling (north or south), the back of these particular seats can be adjusted to face that direction

You’re about to see the views while you’re on the Riverfront Loop trolley. If you’re the sightseeing-type, you’ll want to stay on a couple of rounds on sunny days. One small formality though, excuse the blurriness (I did mention that I was riding on the trolley, right?).

Memphis Trolley

Jefferson Davis Park
Mud Island is in the background

Memphis Trolley

View of Mud Island

Memphis Trolley

Mud Island with river boats in the foreground

Memphis Trolley

More of Mud Island

Memphis Trolley

Whirl sculpture

Memphis Trolley

I looooove the color of this house

Memphis Trolley

Look at the awesome windows; bet they have a great view of the Mississippi River

Memphis Trolley

Now that’s an entrance!

Memphis Trolley

Memphis Farmers Market
Saturday mornings during the Spring and Summer

Memphis Trolley

Arcade Restaurant, Memphis’ oldest restaurant
Elvis dined there too!

Memphis Trolley

South Main Street Historic District
Known for its art galleries, boutiques, restaurants

Memphis Trolley

Lorraine Motel

Memphis Trolley

Lorraine Motel
Just behind the wreath is where Martin Luther King stood when he was assassinated in April 1968

Memphis Trolley

National Civil Rights Museum
The shot that killed MLK originated from the back of this building

Memphis Trolley

Orpheum Theatre

Memphis Trolley

Store “listing” of Peabody Place mall

Memphis Trolley

Court Square Park

Memphis Trolley

Two cool statues

Memphis Trolley

Yin and yang art (dunno what else to call it!)

Memphis Trolley


Memphis Trolley

The other waterfall

Memphis Trolley

Kids love these water jets during the summer

Memphis Trolley

I can’t say that I blame ’em

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One comment for “Tale of two trolleys”

  1. In Toronto we refer to trolleys as “Streetcars”. There is a wonderful place that is trying to preserve the history of Streetcars from Toronto and they have some real gems.

    1 Posted by Tim | December 2, 2009, 10:24 am

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