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Along Front Street in Memphis

Before I embarked on this walking tour, it was one of those moments of “I think the Pyramid is right around the corner from here”. It turned out to be a few blocks, but who’s counting? It was a beautiful, sunny day. Days like these usually spell “e-x-p-l-o-r-i-n-g” for me and that I did.

Here’s where I come clean and say I had seen this Memphis Pyramid before (from the parking lot) during a road trip headed back home to California in the late 90s. In that same week, I saw my 2nd pyramid firsthand — The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Sin City (Vegas). Stayed there too! Seeing the Pyramid again recently gave me goosebumps. Cool architecture does that to me. It’s the nerd in me. I can just dream I’m in Egypt, can’t I?

Afterward, I continued my 30-minute walking tour along Front Street and I photographed all the neato things I saw.

Memphis Pyramid

Photo taken from east side of Pyramid

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Memphis Pyramid

Ramesses statue


The guitar is such a nice touch, dontcha think?

steel sculpture

“Roof Like a Liquid Flung Over the Plaza”
In front of Cannon Center located on corner of Front Street & Poplar

Confederate Park

Confederate Park
You probably can’t tell, but there are cannons in the background

Gayoso House

Gayoso House

Gayoso House

Gayoso House, with the main entrance showing

At this point I was only a couple of blocks from Beale Street; all in due time, I plan on scoring pics there too. =P

UPDATE May 31st: Photos of Beale Street

Check out my video clips on YouTube!
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  1. Tell me if you see Elvis?? Hahaha!!

    1 Posted by Frank | April 15, 2009, 3:36 am

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