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Voodoo Doughnut: Came, saw, conquered :P

Chip and I flew to his hometown, Portland (Oregon) for Christmas last month. I had only been there once before (in 2005), and it was more of a stopover. LOL. I even bought a magnet from what I now *realize* has to be Clackamas Town Center.  Actually it was Chipster who clued me in with my 2 descriptions– “mall wasn’t in downtown” and “it was right next to a freeway”. :p

The “Oregon” magnet (purchased back in 2005) hanging on our fridge
(photo from this post)

Since we were there for nearly a week, there were only two attractions I had my heart on seeing. The first was Voodoo Doughnut; the second, Powell’s Books. In that order. Anything else would be gravy.

Chip’s mom and step-dad dropped us off at Powell’s Books so we could wander around inside for a couple of hours.  The place is huge!  We also walked to a nearby bakery listed as a “Great place to be a glutton for gluten” by USA Today.  Afterwards, we strolled over to a park and sat on a bench. Surprisingly, the sun was out the whole day. Not your typical Portland weather–no light drizzle at all–but it was numbingly chilly (San Antonio has higher temps, so anything below 50 degrees is cold, hahaha). If I wasn’t wearing gloves, I would’ve been miserable. I’ll cover Powell’s, the bakery, and park in a later post. Right now, it’s all about doughnuts, baaaby. Chip’s mom and step-dad later came by to pick us up right across the street from Powell’s Books and together we headed to…

Woohoo, we’re here!
There was a line of maybe 15 people ahead of us waiting too!

Stained glass above the front doors
And, of course, another line was beyond those doors, so it was a matter of waiting for space inside to clear up before going in

Looove the colorful tile floor!
Now’s a good time to mention there is no indoor seating, all the orders are “take out(side),” where there are benches and tables

Menu board (see next 2 photos to read what’s on the board)

Left side of menu board

Right side of menu board

Restaurant sign inside

Largest doughnut I’ve ever seen :p

Looking at one of the 2 revolving display cases is the best way to select your doughnuts (not the menu board)
Notice the “Cash Only” signs?

Choosing doughnuts here at Voodoo is no easy task!
Just before the cashier rang it all up

VIDEO CLIP (below): See why too many choices may be tough….for decision-making. :p

VIDEO CLIP (below): If you thought I was kidding around about picking out doughnuts…

We brought our pink box back to Chip’s mom and step-dad’s house…

Ooooh, the anticipation…

…Not long now!

Lookie what we have here!

I removed the top layer (all the chocolate ones)

All the Bacon Maple Bars

My picks! Mmmm, they were rich, filling, and everything a doughnut should taste like.  In short, they rockkkkked!
The next morning, it pretty much dawned on all of us (and confirmed by Chip’s mom) those very doughnuts served as our only “dinner” the night before, LOL

The bottom layer


It’s totally cool that one doughnut is named after the city I lived before (Memphis)

I can’t wait to go back to Voodoo Doughnut!   Only next time, we’ll have to try the other Portland location.

Comin’ right up is Cranberry Salad with Jell-O.

Check out my video clips on YouTube!
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