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Scrumptilicious foods. Yummy desserts. FUN travels. (That’s what this blog is all about!)

My name is Anna. My hubbykins, Chip, and I are currently livin’ it up in San Antonio (before that, we were in San Antonio from Summer 2011-Summer 2013…then Tampa from Summer 2013-January 2014). Sunny San Diego is my hometown (gah, I miss the AWESOME weather). I’d looooove to end up in Portland, Oregon; if Chip and I hadn’t gotten together, I’d already be living there (it’s his hometown so we’ll move there one day).

Chapel Dulcinea

I married the love of my life at the beautiful Chapel Dulcinea (Austin, Texas) in October 2014

Some of the wonderful things I cherish in this world (besides outstanding food, traveling, and my sweetie):
The ocean
Beautiful sunsets
The internet
Hot showers
Comfy footwear
The outrageously funny
Moments that take my breath away
Alternative Medicine
The highly unusual
Watching live basketball and hockey games
My souvenir magnet collection (see photo below)

Our magnet collection

One of my true passions is baking and ALL the credit undoubtedly goes to my parents (R.I.P. Mom & Dad). My mom taught me how to bake when I was in third grade. Even with piano and ballet lessons, somehow she knew I was bored. She had me follow the directions on a cake mix box, with one exception: substitute milk for the water. (And the rest is history….).

If there’s one recipe that holds a special place in my heart, it’s Nestle Toll House Cookies, being my very first “scratch” recipe. I have fond memories of baking all sorts of yummies with my mom during my grade school and junior high years. By high school, she pretty much left all the baking duties to me.

I got my sweet tooth from my dad. He was always the first in line to try anything I made…and never failed to comment how good it tasted, no matter how burnt or awful it really was, LOL.

I am nowhere close to being a pro and tend to prefer recipes that don’t require a bunch of complicated steps. I’ve baked as often as twice a week, but at least twice a month. I’m excited by the fact I still have so much to learn and share with everyone. I’m hoping other foodies will enjoy visiting this website and give me pointers in creating amazing meals and treats.

My email is yummies4tummies [at] gmail [dot] com if you care to send me sweet nothings…or would like to advertise on this website…or sponsor a giveaway…or all three!

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