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In & around Beale Street

The last time I went sight-seeing, it was totally unplanned, but this time my new roomie invited me to go for a walk along the Mississippi River last month….and who am I to pass up getting some exercise, inhaling fresh air, and ogling at everything and anything? I’d have to be nuts! Okay, maybe not nuts, but I’m known to have a few quirks here and there.

I recently took the close-up photo of Elvis (very last photo) AND three more corner shots of Beale so you can get a better feel of the street “vibes”. Other than that, these photos are pretty much in order of our stroll and what we encountered:

Tom Lee Park

View of the beautiful homes and condos from Tom Lee Park

Tom Lee Memorial

Back view of Tom Lee Memorial
Closer view of beautiful homes at the top of the bluff in background

Tom Lee Memorial

Front view of Tom Lee Memorial
That’s the Mississippi River in back

Tom Lee Memorial engraved story

Tom Lee Memorial engraved marker
“Late afternoon of May 8, 1925, Tom Lee (1885-1952) steered his 28′ skiff Zev upriver after delivering an official to Helena.

Also on the river was a steamboat, the M. E. Norman, carrying members of the Engineers Club of Memphis, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and their families.

Lee witnessed the Norman capsize in the swift current 15 miles downriver from Memphis at Cow Island Bend. Although he could not swim, he rescued 32 people with five trips to shore. Lee acted quickly, calmly and with no regard for his own safety, continuing to search after night fell. Because of his efforts, only 23 people died.

For his heroism, Lee received many honors and awards. In 1954, this park was renamed and an obelisk was erected in his memory.”

Not 5 minutes had gone by when my roomie did something completely expected–a quick breakdance spin! It was one of those things that would have made anyone’s day if they were in a foul mood. Then we climbed up steps to Vance Park, which overlooked the Mississippi River.

We had already started walking away from Vance Park, when I turned around and snapped this shot.

Vance Park

Vance Park

Vance Park

What you see standing in Vance Park

The next 7 or so minutes were spent walking toward the world-renowned Beale Street known for the 3 B’s: Bars, Blues, and Booze.

Beale Street

Oooh, we’re gettin’ close.
The Gayoso House is in the background

Elvis Presley Plaza

“The King” in Elvis Presley Plaza (on Beale Street)

Beale & Second

Yippee! We’re on…..Beale Street! Actually, Beale & Second Street
That’s B.B. King’s Club on the corner!

Beale Street

This is theee place to be! The fun begins, folks!

Beale Street

Party Central
Did you know that like New Orleans you can carry around an “open container” of alcohol on this street (only between Second and Fourth Streets)?

Gibson Showcase

Gibson (Guitars) Beale Street Showcase
This is the Second Street corner

Beale Street

People watching the entertainment on Beale Street

Beale Street

Superior Restaurant and Bar…..and all the others lining Beale
Could this be what Bourbon Street in New Orleans looks like?

Beale Street

Kids were doing backflips for everyone’s entertainment

Beale Street

Making our way down the street

FedEx Forum

FedEx Forum, home to the Memphis Grizzlies…. and other events like concerts
We’re a block away from Beale Street

FedEx Forum

Looking down Third Street; in front of FedEx Forum

FedEx Forum

Gibson Guitars Showcase (corner of Third Street)

Gibson Showcase

Gibson Showcase Entrance

We sauntered back to Beale, where all the action is.

Handy Park

Handy Park
Live, loud music was playing from there

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Memphis

Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly Memphis

People's on Beale

People’s Billiards on Beale Street
Been in Downtown since 1904!

Musicians on Beale

Musicians playin’ live
Too bad only one guy was smiling ๐Ÿ™

Beale Street

Outdoor market on Beale Street

Peabody Place

Peabody Place
Peabody Place and Third Street (a block north from Beale Street)

Autozone Park

Autozone Park, home of the “Memphis Redbirds
Third Street and Union Avenue; only a couple blocks north of Peabody Place

Autozone Park

Just inside the main entrance of Autozone Park

Autozone Park

The field inside Autozone Park. Batter up!

We walked block after block after leaving the ballpark. I lost track of which street we were on and which direction (north? east?) we were headed. I do know at one point we ended up in some public park. We weren’t welcomed because members of the State Bar were having a shindig and under the protection of uniformed guards.

Cool building in downtown

I wish I could say where this is or what building it is…..but I can’t! LOL…
I absolutely love the roundness of the corner!

Just before I moved to Memphis, it hit me–Why not live in a new city every year or two? I’d get to explore the sights and satisfy my palate with the city’s known specialty. Memphis is synonymous with barbecue (AND Graceland), and it’s only a matter of time before I make my rounds in the BBQ joints. The way I see it, the only possible way I can pull off this fantasy of mine is by getting some ed-ju-ma-ca-tion in the medical field (I never said I wanted to be a doctor or nurse or anything medical-related for that matter, growing up), the only secure and stable professions right now in this bleak economy. Whoopsie, I didn’t mean to end this post on a downer… lemme rectify this right NOW:

Here’s Elvis again.


Close-up of “his highness”
I was standing on the fence and trying not to lose my balance just to capture this shot, LOL

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Elvis fans: Gimme time to make my way to Graceland and be a shutterbug for ya’ll. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Memphis' uniqueness:
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