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Harbor Island

I’m happy to report Summer weather has officially set-in here in Memphis. The temps lately have ranged from the low 70s to low 90s. Less humidity the better, but I can’t really complain when the sun’s brightly shining amidst the clear blue skies. It’s definitely a welcome sight compared to the thunderstorms a few weeks ago…..nothing like being woken up by a tornado siren before sunrise and wondering if any minute I’ll be sucked into a vortex.

And it goes without saying sunshine always reminds me of my 3 favorite places in San Diego: Mission Bay Park, Coronado, and last but not least, Harbor Island. I wonder if this means I’m truly Southern California girl at heart? Hmmm, maybe. Or it could just mean bright sunlight will always be my preference, having grown up in a city where it’s practically shorts-weather 300 days out of the year. I definitely wouldn’t rule out living in Florida or Hawaii. :p

The weeks leading to my departure from San Diego about 14 months ago, Harbor Island was my place of enlightenment. With the lack of worthwhile jobs and high cost of living, making ends meet would’ve been difficult. I had to roll the dice and relocate to where the cost of living was affordable in this awful economy. I had researched other places, and Memphis just made more sense than the rest (for one, it wouldn’t be bitter cold like Ohio winters, the other state I considered). Having lived here for a year now, the best thing about Memphis is its history, restaurants and eateries, and lotsa other stuff.

Side note: I swear these pictures were taken with a digital camera (and not an older 35mm). I must’ve been playin’ with the zoom and other settings, but at least you get a good idea of the wonderful views from Harbor Island near the San Diego International Airport.

Harbor Island

Downtown San Diego

Harbor Island

Downtown San Diego….and a sailboat

Harbor Island

Downtown San Diego…and the sailboat…and part of the Coronado Bridge on the right

Harbor Island

Y’know what’s funny? The entire time I was snapping pics I had no idea a sailboat was there!

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Harbor Island

Coronado Bridge

Harbor Island

Coronado Naval Air Base (also known as “North Island”)

Now you see how Harbor Island is a great place to relax and contemplate life?

Here in Memphis, when I’m in need of clearing my head like in recent weeks, I jump on the Riverfront trolley to see these sights. For me, there’s something truly magical about the M Bridge, the million dollar houses, and the energy from Beale Street and downtown. I can’t wait to show ya’ll all the cool things that have caught my eye so far.

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Beautiful San Diego:
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