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La Jolla Cove

...my favorite place in La Jolla!

Sunset Cliffs

Best place to watch mesmerizing sunsets in San Diego.

Coronado Bridge

The official debut of "Daily Photo"...

The Tin Fish

Going without, sucks.

Harbor Island

The weeks leading to my departure from San Diego about 14 months ago, Harbor Island was my place of enlightenment.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #18-#25)

This is my last San Diego dessert post.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #15-#17)

Any dessertie would love their healthy dose of chocolate shavings on a cake.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #12-14)

You tell me if you wouldn't want to jump in your car with your p.j.'s on for one of these.

More S.D. desserts to try (Dessert #11)

This is one of those "too pretty to eat" desserts.

More S.D. desserts to try ….NOT (Dessert #10)

It was good while it lasted though.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #8 & #9)

Look aren't everything, y'know.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #6 & #7)

Two more goodies from Hans & Harry's Bakery.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #4 & #5)

I wasn't the least bit disappointed either.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #1-3)

These light springtime desserts are delightful.

Final two Dreamy Desserts (Desserts #14 & #15)

Both of these will leave you wanting me more.

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Desserts #10 & #11)

Don't think I'll ever pass up Fruit Tarts ever again!

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Dessert #9)

If you like berries, then this one's for you!

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Desserts #7 & #8)

They looked tempting in the display case.

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Dessert #6)

It's the perfect cupcake.

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Dessert #5)

Nothing says I :heart; you more than chocolate.

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