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REVIEW: Superior Restaurant & Bar’s Burger

After my failed attempt to eat at the State Fair, I knew in my heart Beale Street wouldn’t let me down.

The beauty about Beale Street is if one menu (usually posted by the entrance or you can ask one of the hosts standing by their podiums) doesn’t whet your appetite, then just walk right next door ’til something jumps out at ya! This was the case when I settled on Superior Restaurant and Bar for dinner a few hours after the Big Scoop Ice Cream Festival. Not gonna lie… deep down, I’m desperately trying to find a replacement for In-N-Out. Oh, how I miss thee. There is nothing more sacred than never-frozen patties and real potato fries. 😛

I was contemplating doing a “Burger Showdown” with the 3 burgers I’ve eaten thus far here in Memphis, but since I also ordered dessert, it would get kinda screwy. I know I’m complicated, but that doesn’t mean my blog needs to be too.

Superior Restaurant

This Miller Lite box is a clever addition
Ketchup on one side…

Superior Restaurant

…Salt & pepper on the other
What a great way to keep everything together

Superior Restaurant

My order

Superior Restaurant

I dig it when burgers come with leafy lettuce

Superior Restaurant

Hmm, my Chocolate Mousse Cake seemed shorter this time ’round
See, pictures don’t lie, LOL. No matter, it was every bit deeelicioooous!

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I liked the burger, and I’d definitely get it again, but it’s not In-N-Out. *sniff*

In my next post, see why Huey’s burgers aren’t for the timid…

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