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The World’s Largest Beer…& Burger

In the article, “The truth behind the world’s largest…”, I got a kick out of two things: The World’s Largest Beer and the Biggest Burger.

Just read the stats of the World’s Largest 6-pack Beer:

“These six tanks hold 688,200 barrels of beer – enough to fill 7,340,796 cans. Placed end to end, these cans would run 565 miles, enough to supply one person a six pack a day for 3,351 years!”

What it looked like before

What it looks like now with new paint job

As far as The World’s Largest Burger (123 pounds), go to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania where you can get this, but order ahead because it takes 9-10 hours to cook the patty, and requires 160 slices of cheese & four pounds of tomatoes:

To view the above photo in Flickr, go to

All the ingredients:
– 80-pound ground beef patty
– 1 pound of Lettuce
– 1 pound of Ketchup
– 1 pound of Relish
– 1 pound of Mustard
– 1 pound of Mayonanaise
– 160 slices of cheese
– 5 onions
– 12 tomatoes

If that burger is a tad too filling for you and all your friends, they also serve 2, 3, 6, 15, and 50 pound sizes.

Video clip of Justin (with Rachael Ray’s show) helping make a 131 lb burger.

News clip of this Monster Burger.

More video clips of other brave souls :
Two pounder
Fifteen pounder with 2 pounds of cheese
– Yet another Fifteen pounder

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One comment for “The World’s Largest Beer…& Burger”

  1. wow. i would be really drunk if i drink those beers. and i would be fat if eat that big burger. but i would love too.

    1 Posted by Smoothie Recipes | April 26, 2010, 5:44 am

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