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Beautiful wedding cakes

So I’m reading the news on MSNBC, and stumbled upon The 50 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes from coast-to-coast. I think they forgot the word “pricey” somewhere in the title because I don’t know anyone who spent 4 figures on their wedding cake, which clearly some of these are. Then again, sometimes price is not an issue for the “big day”. 🙂

These two are mega-cute:

Confetti Cakes, New York City
Elisa Strauss credits pop artist Wayne Theibaud, who painted precisely arranged cakes, doughnuts and pies, for her bundt-cake-to-cupcake tiers. Rolled fondant cake with edible pearls and handmade sugar accents.

$20 per slice, serves 150

Colette’s Cakes, New York City
Drawn to the flamboyant costumes and gowns of haute couturier Christian Lacroix, Colette Peters interpreted a can-can dancer in fondant. Cake with ruffles and royal icing bow.

To view photo in Flickr, go to

$15 per slice, serves 100

Here are my top picks of the most bea-yoo-ti-ful cakes……..*drum roll, please*

Something Sweet by Michelle, Worcester, MA
Michelle Bohigian’s goal? A cake as feminine as a hand-painted silk kimono. Champagne silk rolled fondant with brush embroidery and gum-paste cymbidium orchid vine.

$30 per slice, serves 200, Arlington, VA
Geometry was the impetus for Steve Klc: “I wanted to create a dramatic, contemporary design—in chocolate!” “Chocodot” cake with chocolate and pastillage accents. 917-804-6655.

From $8 per slice, serves 75

Polly’s Cakes, Hood River, OR
Polly Schoonmaker’s cake presents the idea of a gift package crafted in a sculptural way. “Lemon Twist” square cake with fondant garden flowers and gold pearl-accented ribbon.

$15 per slice, serves 200

Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken, NJ
Giving the all-white cake a glam makeover, Buddy Valastro went to town with luster-dusted draping, pearls and sugar roses. Rolled fondant cake with stripes dipped in crystal sugar and a monogram detail.

$13 per slice, serves 200

Kerry Vincent Cake Design, Tulsa, OK
“The effect I was aiming for was a flamenco skirt that swirls,” says Kerry Vincent, who drove her cake all the way from Oklahoma to our photo studio in New York! Hand-painted rolled fondant with lace-embossed flower-paste chrysanthemums. Plates, L’Objet,,

$22 per slice, serves 250

Icing on the Top, Tulsa, OK
Jennifer Jones’s design is based on Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection. Rolled fondant cake with royal icing stringwork and gemstones. Flutes, Water Mill Party,

$32.50 per slice, serves 175

If anyone orders one of these cakes, can I be invited to your wedding? Okay, maybe not. How ’bout send me a slice instead? Please, pretty please? 🙂

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5 comments for “Beautiful wedding cakes”

  1. Had to laugh – your right were was the word “pricy”! Great article.

    1 Posted by Kymora | March 19, 2010, 6:13 pm
  2. this is for Kerry Vincent. Hello Miss vincent i bought one of your books but can find the tools you use.I’m a fan of yours and will be glad if you could help me out.

    2 Posted by Evangeline | May 7, 2010, 7:48 pm
  3. Wow! Those wedding cakes are amazing. You can really go above and beyond when it comes to just about anything relating to weddings. I would love to have that brown polka dotted upside down cake at my wedding in August!

    3 Posted by Kevin | May 10, 2010, 11:15 pm
  4. Beautiful cakes! Love the chocodot cake. It would make a great groom’s cake. I am curious as to what the topper is made out of or would it be possible to get just the topper made and shipped???

    4 Posted by Joy | July 28, 2010, 8:27 pm
  5. […] a special and secret ingredient, you may add this too and your cake will really get one of a kind. SourceWedding […]

    5 Posted by Ways of getting a personalized wedding cake | Weddings Avenue | March 20, 2012, 10:53 am

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