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Incredible cell phone plan is reason to celebrate

Now that I’m finally making headway in quashing the flu bug, I wanted to share why I had reason to celebrate (besides being rid of the ickies).

Slashing my cell phone bill has been something I’ve contemplated for months now. I had even considered the little gadget Magic Jack I had seen on a late-night infomercial. Maybe it’s just me, but paying more than $50 for cell phone coverage for just myself is pretty ludicrous. I don’t wanna be locked into a 2-year contract during these tough economic times. The best deal I’ve had so far was 400 anytime minutes, and 3,000 night and weekend minutes for $49.99 PLUS the $4.99 for 200 text messages. That just meant anyone I talk to on a regular basis had to wait ’til 9pm my time.

Jeff, the guy I’m dating, mentioned a new cell phone plan offered by WalMart called “Family Mobile” a week before it was due to roll-out. Everything I read about it sounded too good to be true. And now that I’ve officially made the switch, here are all the details:

  • $45 unlimited talk and text (yes, that’s right, UNLIMITED)
  • $25 for each additional line
  • Web/data packages are available
  • It uses T-Mobile’s network
  • One time $25 activation kit for each line
  • No contracts (you can cancel anytime)
  • No phone upgrade fee
  • You may be able to use the same phone you have now if it’s GSM-capable and can get it unlocked (my former provider walked me through the unlocking process)
  • You may be able to use the same phone number (how cool is that? I, for one, was pretty stoked)
  • You will be billed weeks later (my first bill will be texted to me next month; I only paid for the $25 activation kit the day I switched over)

You can also check out their website or call their Customer Service Department at 877-440-9758 for more info.

I am soooooo thrilled of finally having a reasonable cell phone plan that perfectly fits my budget! Being a dessertie, I celebrated with not one, but two goodies! :p

Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Does this look like it’s “Reduced Fat” to you?

Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Reduced fat or not, this Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Starbucks was won-der-ful!

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

*Mental note: Must find recipe!*

Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut

Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut
From The Fresh Market

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut

Lordy! This rich, smooth chocolate was positively divine!

I’ll undoubtedly get around to posting the Orpheum…and much, much more.

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