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Irish Cream Bundt Cake

This cake's texture was super light, like chiffon cake.

Road Trippin’ (Part Two): Arizona to San Diego and back

This was my old stomping grounds so I wanted to show Chip all the cool places before we headed back home.

Our Baltimore Sweets

I was tickled pink they had so many goodies to choose from!

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

You may not stop at one slice.

Chocolate World

Thank goodness for Hershey's and chocolate, and the cocoa bean farmers.

Our Downtown Austin eats

During our first date!

National Chocolate Cake Day…

Here are 20 dreamy concoctions...

Pumpkin Crumb Cake

I'm only super picky about one thing...taste!

Road Trippin’ (Part One): Texas & New Mexico

We're westward bound, driving half-way cross-country in a rental.

Lineup of Starbucks pastries

I rounded-up all the Starbucks goodies I've munched on during the summer.

Starbucks Lemon Loaf Redux

'Twas my primo opportunity to try all the pastries I had been missing out on.

Community Bakery’s tempting treats

You're ready to see the mouthwatering treats that can be had from downtown Little Rock, right?

Chocolate? I’m not biased. Really, I’m not.

What's the saying--"Seek and ye shall find?"

Interstate BBQ’s desserts

This is the best Sweet Potato Pie ever!

My Free Grand Slam

Denny's is offering a *Free* Grand Slam on your birthday.

Incredible cell phone plan is reason to celebrate

$45/month unlimited talk and text (yes, that's right, UNLIMITED)

Strawberry Shortcake

This is as good a time as any to show you the perfect summer dessert.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #18-#25)

This is my last San Diego dessert post.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #15-#17)

Any dessertie would love their healthy dose of chocolate shavings on a cake.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #12-14)

You tell me if you wouldn't want to jump in your car with your p.j.'s on for one of these.

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