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I’ve had the time of my life!

If there are incredible days that stand out in one’s life, this would indubitably be unforgettable. I think by now it’s fairly obvious, I’m a dessertie!!! And for two days in a row, I spent my waking hoursssss with family members, feasted on dessert (if you’re anxious to see, go ‘head and scroll down now)….and the icing on the cake (c’mon, this is a dessert blog!) is: I got a mixer, but not just any mixer–a white Heavy Duty Kitchen Aid 5-quart 325-watt mixer. Yippee!!! If you don’t get why I’m so tickled pink, ya must not be a baker! I’ve been using a hand mixer during the past year since my other Kitchen Aid is in storage….in another state. My dream mixer is a Kitchen Aid Professional 575-watt 6-quart, but it’s sooo not in my budget right now. In summary, those two days were awesome! Life is good.

If my older brother and wife are reading this, hope to see you both soon! Let’s go out for dessert, k? 🙂

My dessert plate at an all-you-can-eat restaurant with my mom:

My yummy dessert at Living Room Coffeehouse with my *sis*:

“Chocolate Decadence”

The following day, my brother, sis-in-law, and I walked around this neighborhood until we settled on a place to eat:

Little Italy

Then for dessert, we unanimously agreed on Extraordinary Desserts.

Our delicious line-up

I choose the “Au Chocolate”
Creamy dark chocolate mousse on a thin dark chocolate cake layer, soaked in cocoa and covered in a dark chocolate

To view the above photo in Flickr, go to

My sis-in-law’s pick: “Cream Cheese Brownie”
Goodness gracious, I had a few bites and it was won-der-ful

My brother’s selection: “Chocolate Coconut Cocada”

Like I said, those two days were wonderful! 🙂

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