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Do-it-yourself Christmas Tree :-)

Our simple, yet lovely Christmas Tree is up!

We made it! Actually my sweetie did…I coached him through it
It stands 16.5″ tall and 15″ wide

Around Thanksgiving, Chip and I discussed what kind of holidays decorations we’d be putting up. For the most part, we’re the practical “no fuss, no muss” sort and I’m quite sure we would’ve unanimously agreed not bothering…if I hadn’t mentioned making two mini Christmas trees before.

Two more weeks pass, and then I put my foot down, a Christmas tree needed to be made, otherwise we may as well be Scrooges. :p

Believe it or not, shopping for a fluffy, green garland was tougher than we expected…and finally got lucky at Target, the 3rd place we stopped in.

That evening, we began assembling the 6 wire hangers into a frame stand.  We spotted some twist ties lying around and decided to use ’em too (they served as reinforcements at the apex and the bottom where the 6 hangers converge).  Next step is wrapping and taping the 50-count white LED Mini Light Set around frame (this part takes the longest).  Last step is wrapping garland around the frame and not covering up any of the lights.  And just when we thought we were all done, we had to pop back in Target for one more garland! LOL

For detailed instructions, this is the link I had Chip review beforehand:

The goods spread out (before assembly)
Clockwise from top left:  50-count white LED Mini Light Set, electrical tape, 6 wire hangers, and a 12-foot garland (tip: you’ll need two garlands); not shown are the twist ties

What it looks like under the tree
Why do I suddenly feel dirty? :p

Our tree during the day

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Close-up of the beautiful garland

This is what you’ll need to make your very own Christmas Tree:

  • 6 wire hangers
  • one 50-count LED Mini Light Set
  • two 12-foot garlands (with semi-fluffy garlands like ours, anything equaling 24 feet would work; the fluffier, the less you’ll need)
  • electrical tape
  • scissors
  • twist ties, optional

The combinations are endless.  The first tree I ever made was similar to this one with white lights and solid green garland. The second had multi-color lights with white garland.  They were both gorgeous.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday season!

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