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Camp Good Grief’s Gingerbread Village, Part 1

All December long I was yearning to view this gingerbread display at the Memphis Botanic Gardens, but other things seem to come up. I finally got the chance during the very last week  (I sorta played hooky from work…..shhhh!). Now I wish two things happened: 1) I had played hooky gone sooner, 2) I had gotten around to posting this weeks ago. The amount of detail and sweet treats that went into this village is unbelievable.

Gingerbread Village


Gingerbread Village

View from the front, right side
If I had to guess, the village was displayed on a 9′ x 12′ table

Gingerbread Village

View from the left

Gingerbread Village

This post will only cover these 3 structures (in order)

Gingerbread Village

(1) “Nita and Zita’s Gingerbread and Breakfast”
Created by Mary Norman-Jungklas

Gingerbread Village

The biggest house in the entire “village”

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Gingerbread Village

Love the peppermint candies

Gingerbread Village

Pretzel sticks wall and cookie dough rooftop

Gingerbread Village

Back view of Nita and Zita’s Gingerbread and Breakfast

Gingerbread Village

I could go for some pretzels right about now :p

Gingerbread Village

Beautiful shades of pastel colors

Gingerbread Village

Vanilla ice cream, anyone?

Gingerbread Village

(2) Gingerbread dog marking his territory near the tree :p

Gingerbread Village

Same tree (back view)

Gingerbread Village

(3) “Gristmill”
Created by University of Memphis (Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management), and National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

Gingerbread Village

Back view

Gingerbread Village

Where else would you see a chimney like this plus Shredded Wheat roof?

Gingerbread Village

Water wheel

Stay tuned for the rest of the village (Part 2).

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