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Grand Floridian Resort

What a pleasant surprise in the lobby!

I’m so not a flowers kind of gal…

...But chocolate's a whole 'nother story. :D

Camp Good Grief’s Gingerbread Village, Part 2

Help me identify all the goodies on the Entry Tower. :p

Camp Good Grief’s Gingerbread Village, Part 1

The amount of detail and sweet treats that went into this village is unbelievable.

Peabody Hotel’s Gingerbread House

Pounds of yumminess went into making this!

FUN PIC: Pill Burger

Dontcha think "Pharmacy Burger" or maybe "Take medication with food" would be better captions?

The Incredible Edible…

For mature audiences only, please!

World’s Largest Gingerbread House

It took 1,700 hours to build this 67-foot sweeeeet house.

Video Clip: Sony Products…candified

Sure made me want a candy cane cell phone!!!

Beer Christmas Trees

Got beer? Make tree.

Junk food ornaments

If there's something I'm fascinated by, it's creativity. I'm not artistic, at all!

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

This guy had it bad for Dew. He built this. Had to be the caffeine.

Video Clip: Foooood fight (no people involved, hehehe)

A war rages between burgers, sushi, pretzels, fries, pitas, etc.

Chocolate pumps

These high heel pumps are adorable!


Wanna bite? I'm looking to share.

Pepsi ads

Tell me you can't look at photos #2 & #4 and chuckle...or at least smile.

Halloween Recipes

Viewer discretion is advised. I can't be responsible for any Post-Traumatic Stress from viewing this post!

Dangerous candy: Handle with care

Careful where you lick!

Melting a Chocolate Bunny…let us see the ways

Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this post, this video clip may not be appropriate for all viewers.

FUN PIC: Yummy Cupcakes

This pic is just so adorable!

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