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The Tin Fish

Lemme get one thing off my chest: Going without, sucks. I mean, absolutely blows!

I’m not into trying out different foods. I’d be an awful date to take to one of those fancy, schmancy 5-star restaurants where everything in the menu I probably couldn’t pronounce. I’m all for learning new things, but if I have a difficult time saying the name of something that’s supposed to be edible, makes me think twice if I should really be putting it in my mouth. I’m weird, I know; get used to it…or not! :p

Truthfully, part of the reason is my food allergies (I’m a wuss when it comes to spices!), but the main reason is I really do have a general idea of what I like and pretty much stick to it. I like mexican food, pizza, burgers, seafood, italian, american. In no particular order, either. And when I’m feeling adventurous I go for gyros or sushi and maybe even Pho. I’m not too big on steak either; if it’s there, I’ll eat it, but it’s not something I look for. Family members have dragged me to try other cuisines, but ultimately I always come right back to my “Main 6”. Having said all that, I’m missing Fish Tacos right about NOW. Unfortunately, Rubio’s is nowhere to be found ’round these parts. I absolutely loooove their fish tacos and burritos. I enjoy On the Border’s version (fortunately they have ’em here in Memphis), but it’s just not the same. Shame on me for not mentioning the other restaurant whose fish tacos rockkkk…until now. It’s not ’round these parts either. And like I said before, go without, sucks.

Fish Taco Platter

Fish Taco Platter from The Tin Fish (in downtown San Diego)

Fish Taco Platter

Two fish pieces and cabbage on a flour tortilla & crisscut fries – I swear I could eat this every day!
The cole slaw is hiding under the top middle fries

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I’m not sure what my next post will be. LOL. By now, I should have posted the Memphis Pyramid, but I’m thinkin’ dessert would at least get my mind off of 2 pieces of fish laced with shredded cheese on a bed of cabbage and a flour tortilla with crisscut fries on the side. :p

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