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Betty Crocker Hershey’s Cookie Brownie Bars

*****Skip this part if you only wanna look at the photos*****

It’s an observation I hear over and over from guys….

When they get involved with a girl, it’s as if more girls come out of the woodwork to flirt with them. Not when they were “single and looking”, mind you, but now that they’re taken, and very much spoken for. That’s sorta kinda what’s going on with me, albeit with jobs. In the first couple of weeks after I started working, I had been approached if I was interested in taking on another position where I’m currently employed. Position was full-time, likely a little more money. The only drawback was I’d have to be at work before sunrise. As in 5 am. As in when I’m normally smack-dab in the middle of my REM. During the week, I’m struggling to acknowledge the piercing chirps of my cell phone alarm at 5:30, er… 5:45, er…6:00, and so to be at work at 5am, ummm no-can-do. Hmmm, unless of course I can inconvenience someone to administer smelling salts on me 5 days a week…….. Like I said, ain’t gonna happen. And maybe a week ago, I was asked if I wanted to moonlight in making some easy extra money. Get your mind outta the gutter, this was legit…the guy asking was in law enforcement.

Last week, a good friend gave me two phone numbers to call. Both were full-time jobs and money was unquestionably more than my current wages. Each had their own set of cool perks. Haven’t dialed the digits yet. Other than mentioning them here on this post, my brain hasn’t processed anything else about it. The reason? I like my job. I like the people I work with. No office politics. No drama or hidden agendas. No foul moods that drag on day after day. In other words, no stress whatsoever. I look forward going to work in the morning and leave feelin’ good. And it’s part-time at 30+ hours a week, which means I get to leave work while there’s a fair amount of sunlight left to take photos. I really do enjoy snapping shots of all the places I explore, the desserts I indulge in, and the goodies I decide to bake—and frankly, sometimes money isn’t the end-all-be-all. I’ve learned to take into account how much stress I’d incur with the lure of earning more money. Earlier in the decade, I wanted to return back to school (I had been in an MBA program before, but didn’t finish) and I narrowed it down to either grad school or law school. Aside from family members, a few others (mainly co-workers) suggested I become a lawyer. And if you believe in this kind-of-thing, several years ago, I had an astrological reading done with just my name and birth info, and the findings were it was “in my charts”…and he too highly recommended I go to law school. My verdict? Noooo! While I really seriously entertained the thought of being a lawyer for years, I’ve actually worked with people with J.D. after their names and closely watched them too. Not a happy bunch of people, if you ask me. No thank you. No job is worth the stress or the potential risk of turning me into an unhappy person. Besides I’ve already worked at jobs where I absolutely dreaded going to each and every weekday morning. And I did it because every other Friday, my prize for somehow managing to show up AND do my job, all the while working with unmotivated…jaded… power-hungry…conniving…or drama-thriving people (you’d be surprised how many people fall in at least one of these categories) was the paycheck.

I’ve narrowed it down to the basics, and it’s essentially two things that makes for a good life: Health and happiness. If I have those two things, everything else is bound to fall into place. I’m giving myself through the weekend to think about whether to pursue these job opportunities or any new ones that come my way.

*****My job update ends here 😛 *****

In the meantime, I’m sharing what I recently baked and brought to work. I baked brownies last Tuesday, and totally slacked in posting this.

Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bars

I had been eye-ballin’ this new Betty Crocker item for a couple of weeks

Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bars

I used two boxes and doubled all the ingredients

Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bars

….And I used the best butter ever, Land O’Lakes unsalted butter

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bars

I also dropped in probably 15 semi-sweet morsels in the brownie batter before adding the cookie dough

Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bars

The verdict? My co-workers enjoyed ’em. ‘Nuff said!

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