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Betty Crocker’s Hershey Original Supreme Brownies

Original Supreme Brownies

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A lot can be said about first loves. Your heart skips a beat…or two. You get all giddy and warm inside thinkin’ about them. Just saying their name gives you goosebumps.

Original Supreme Brownies

This is by far not the first batch of brownies I ever made, but it’s the first one I fell hard for. Up until I crossed paths with this mix, no other scratch recipe (my mom had quite a collection of cookbooks) came close to these fudgy, chocolaty, moist brownies. The little packet of Hershey’s syrup is every bit responsible! I added my personal touch along the way by tossing in a dozen or so semisweet morsels. They’re killer brownies. Whenever I need something quick and easy and enjoyable for all, these brownies never ever fail to please. Eat with a scoop of your fave ice cream, and you’ll be done for.

Original Supreme Brownies

Unlike my real life first love, James, who’s long been out of the picture, these brownies are still very much a part of my life. I will say this though, whenever “James” pops up in conversation, my heart still sometimes skips a beat. He was such a hunk!

Original Supreme Brownies

The other mix that’s just as yummy for a “fix” is Betty Crocker’s Triple Chunk. I haven’t completely ruled out making brownies from scratch, but they have to be pretty darn good to top these.

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