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REVIEW: Berry Medley Crêpe

If there’s one thing I should have tried sooner, it’s crêpes. I’d never had one until recently. I suppose in my mind, the closest thing was Krumkakes, Scandinavian cookies. Here’s a good photo I found in Flickr.  My mom had a Krumkake Iron (like this one) and we’d occasionally make a batch. The cookies were sooo yummy, half of it would be gone before we even finished cooking the entire batter!

A couple of years ago, I spotted a Crêpe restaurant in a East Bay Area mall, and even then I wasn’t interested. I have since repented and changed my ways (LOL) …and ’cause I’m a firm believer that it’s all talk unless there’s follow-through, I eagerly went to Bino’s Bistro & Winebar in Coronado. Side note: The metered parking across the street was a bargain! One quarter lasts a full hour!

I counted 17 crêpes on the menu.  It was a toughie, but the waitress’s vote sealed my decision for the Berry Medley Crêpe, one of their dessert crêpes.

Berry Medley Crêpe
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and vanilla sauce–this is without it topped with whipped cream

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It was served on a triangular-shaped plate….and believe me, it was huuuuuge! My day planner measures 8″x10″, and IT paled in comparison.

I seriously didn’t think I would eat half of it, but I really couldn’t help myself…….it was soooo tasty! Bite after bite…and more bites, 3/4 of it slowly disappeared right before my eyes and right into my waistline.

I knew I had to walk off the calories, so I headed (one block away, hahaha) towards Hotel Del Coronado. 🙂

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