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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In commemoration of Memorial Day (two days ago), these are photos of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. taken in 2003 during a weekend getaway. This memorial honors the more than 58,000 soldiers who perished or were MIA during the controversial war.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Sign at the “entrance” of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Life-size statues of three soldiers awaits you before strolling towards the famous Vietnam Memorial Wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

You would use this 2-Panel Location System (directories) to look up names of friends and loved ones engraved on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Panoramic view of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, also known as “The Wall”
The wall has two segments — an East & West Wall and is over 493.5 feet long

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The highest point is just over 10 feet tall and the shortest panel is a mere 8 inches
Veterans are listed in chronological order from date of casualty or presumed missing; the first death occurred in 1959

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

3 of 140 panels made of polished black granite

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Each panel has anywhere from 1 to 137 lines of names, with each line averaging 5 names

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

More than 58,000 names of those who have died or missing are inscribed on these panels

Surviving veterans were amongst the tourists, openly reminiscing about their tour of duties and buddies they lost.  Mementos such as flowers, photographs, and flags were left at the base of the wall.  One man was on a ladder scratching the name of a veteran onto paper with a pencil.

Walking the entire length of the Memorial Wall and seeing panel after panel of names was quite a humbling experience. This memorial is definitely a must-see if you are visiting D.C.!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Memorial Wall at night

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