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REVIEW: Apple Dumpling…then chocooooolate galore

I neglected to mention this–purely unintentional, of course–but I waited a full day to tell someone I scored a job last month; I sure as heck didn’t want the rug to be pulled from under me in case I dreamt the whole thing up. I waited 9 excruciating weeks before I let myself rejoice (6 tortuous weeks of searching high and low, plus 3 weeks of getting fully acclimated to the job). And so, after doing cartwheels for most of last week …I was on a mission to find a dessert so gratifying….so worthy of finally being able to say “Yay, I have a job. Wooohoooo. Partyyy time.” I’ll just say that third time’s the charm with me gettin’ it right celebrating. Whodathunk?!

1st attempt:

Apple Dumpling

“Apple Dumpling” at Blues City Cafe (corner of Beale & Second Street)
“Baked apple wrapped in pastry seared with butter in an iron skillet. Drizzled with cinnamon sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.”

Apple Dumpling

No a la mode for me, I’m lactose intolerant
Is that TMI? LOL

Apple Dumpling

It was still steaming hotttt even after I took these 3 photos (above)

As an apple pie lover, I was eagerly looking forward to this dessert but I tasted more pastry than apples.

Attempt #2 (Peabody Deli and Desserts in the Peabody Hotel):

Triple Chocolate Timbale

“Triple Chocolate Timbale”

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

Both of these didn’t have quite the umpth I was looking for. My mission called for pulling out all the stops, and failure was sooo not an option.

3rd (& final) attempt:

Chocolate Boule

“Chocolate Boule” from Whole Foods

Chocolate Boule

I sincerely tried to stop myself from taking another bite…

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Chocolate Boule

…But as you can see my fork had a mind of its own

The chocolate mousse was velvety rich, smooth, and ridiculously good. Wish ya’ll had been celebrating with me.

Oh, and by the way, just kiddin’ about the cartwheels….but I felt like it. Does that count?

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One comment for “REVIEW: Apple Dumpling…then chocooooolate galore”

  1. That looks SOOOOOOOOO good!

    1 Posted by Lori A. | August 31, 2009, 11:47 am

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