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REVIEW: Jake’s Truffle Cake & NY Cheesecake

A guy friend and I had gone to McCormick & Schmick’s at the Omni Hotel in downtown for dessert. Everything that could go wrong at a restaurant, did!!! After placing our order (he wanted a beer with his dessert), we waited an eternity for it. C’mon, it’s not like they had to cook it…it was desserts for crying out loud! Someone in the kitchen cuts a slice, puts it on plate, maybe decorate to make it purty, then have the wait person bring it out to us. And it’s not like they were busy because there was neither a long wait nor a visible crowd of people waiting to be called by the hostess. Bad!

Add to our impatience was a fly buzzing about. You’d have thought the fly wanted in on our conversation! It was annoying as hell. Worse!

The desserts were finally placed atop our round café table. Ah, the moment of truth.

I tried a bite of my friend’s cheesecake. Back when I was a kid, I had opened a new Philly Cream Cheese package and snuck a chunk into my mouth before anyone caught me red-handed. I’ve made a cheesecake once so I know there are other ingredients in the recipe, but this instantly gave me flashbacks of me going up to the fridge, opening the cream cheese, looking around if the coast was clear, and plunging my spoon into one of the corners. Not something I’ve cared to do again. LOL. I don’t recall ever having a cheesecake that was quite as bad as this one, and that’s being gracious. Horrible!

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On the other hand, my Jake’s Truffle Cake (a flourless chocolate cake, OMG!) was soooooooo worth the wait. I was on Cloud 9 and levitating.

At one point, I tried moving the Drink/Dessert menu (standing upright) out of the way and little did I know that my friend’s beer bottle was hiding behind it. Well, you can pretty much guess what happened next. Yep, in my horror, it tipped over before his reflexes kicked in. In his words, “That was the worst place it could have went”. Some of it landed on the floor as well, evidenced by a small puddle. Utter embarrassment! Apologizing profusely was a given, and made it up to him later by buying another bottle, which in retrospect was something he was more interested in moreso than his dessert, not that I blame him……..LOL.

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