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REVIEW: Razzleberry & Chocolate Satin Pies

It’s official. I’m a moody dessertie and I’m not really sure how this happened.

Until recently, I’ve always been a Cookie Monster. If I see a yummy cookie, the likelihood I’ll want it is too high to quantify, LOL. But in the last couple of months, my weakness for cookies has been thrown by the wayside. I don’t even want to bake any cookies, let alone look at it. Trust me, I’m just as appalled as you. I’ve baked enough cookies so far to feed a small army and this change is clearly upsetting to me.

In the last week or two, I’ve been craving pie and not just any pie, but one from Marie Callender’s. Oh wow, I just looked at their web site….I didn’t realize they’re only in 10 states! I’ve been to 4 locations (in 3 states) and was never disappointed. Anyone who’s wanting, craving, yearning for pie, head over to a Marie Callender’s, STAT. You’ll have 30+ to choose from. Lemme warn you now that you’ll probably want to try them all.

After several inquiries by the waitress, I finally decided on the Razzleberry and Chocolate Satin pies. I think I even surprised her when I ordered two slices.

Flaky crust….berries…mmmmmmm.

Razzleberry Pie
Raspberries and blackberries baked together, with a hint of apples

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Velvety, dreamy chocolate (wait, can chocolate be dreamy? I think so!)

Chocolate Satin Pie
Rich chocolate fills a chocolate cookie crust, with a rim of freshly-whipped cream

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