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REVIEW: Taste of Downtown

My one fun adventure for the week was going to the Taste of Downtown, an annual event. For almost 2 weeks, I was countin’ down the days. This was my 2nd time (I had gone with my brother and SIL the first go-round). The obvious differences is that the wait in line to sample the food wasn’t nearly as long–either no time at all, or 2 minutes at most–and the food quality was much better before.

60+ participating restaurants for 4 hours!!!! It’s essentially a walking and taste-testing tour of what the restaurants showcased. Shuttles were also available. The restaurants had anywhere from 1-3 entrees, too many of ’em had pasta (I only went to one Italian restaurant). In fact, I purposely didn’t head over to Little Italy, where it’s predominantly Italian restaurants, because I wanted to try other foods. Not hatin’ on Italian food because I loooove it, but with the array of restaurants at my disposal for 4 hours, I wanted to try the unknown and that’s saying a lot because I normally have stuff removed when I order. (Any sandwiches I eat does not have sauce–zilch, nada–if that gives you any indication of how picky I am. I do have food allergies but that’s another matter entirely, and I clearly stay away from anything I think could potentially land me in the hospital).

My wrinkled, marked-up map shows I tried the offerings at 18 restaurants. A couple of hours into it–I’ma guess 7pm–my disgruntled stomach was making its point. Note to self: Don’t wear jeans (unless it stretchable) to any future Food Tasting Events. LOL.

“Taste of Downtown” announcement postcard

The upstairs Beach Bar at Jolt’n Joe’s (yes, that’s sand–I used my cell phone so pic quality isn’t great)

The 5-Star Yummy foods worth mentioning:
The Field – Shepherd Pie
Donovan’s Steak & Chop House – Philly Cheese Steak
Soleil@K – steak with wild mushroom risotto
Gelateria Frizzante – I chose their Wildberries dairy-free sorbeto

Wildberries sorbeto

These next two desserts I feasted on wasn’t part of the samples, but a dessertie like me doesn’t ever pass up on yummy treats.

Mocha Crunch Bar (also worthy of 5 stars!) from Zanzibar Cafe

To view the above photo in Flickr, go to

Triple Chocolate Mousse from St. Tropez Bakery & Bistro

In summary, I had a great time. For next time, I vow to make a dent on the 40 other restaurants I missed out on. 🙂

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