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My favorite Taco Bell

I’ve been to my share of Taco Bells (roughly a dozen covering 4 states, not a whole lot, but still!) and the one I like most of all is right here in Memphis! It’s actually a Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s (combo :p) located on the corner of South 3rd Street and E.H. Crump Boulevard. Now don’t go thinkin’ living here is the reason ’cause I’ve been to two others in Arkansas in the past 8 months (during date #7 and date #8 with Jeff), but they ain’t got nothin’ on this location.

My fave Taco Bell


And here’s why it’s my favorite:

My fave Taco Bell

Dontcha just love the branded partition walls?

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My fave Taco Bell

It sorta lends itself to having a touch of privacy, but not really :p

Then there’s the artwork:

My fave Taco Bell

I :heart; the vibrant blue shades
It reminds me of the ocean and sky; Sigmund Freud would probably say it’s ’cause I grew up in sunny San Diego

My fave Taco Bell

This is more of Southwest colors
Am I the only one who sees the green monster in the center? Hmm, wonder what Freud would say….

My fave Taco Bell

And here we have a blue one
I wonder if Taco Bell is trying to tell us something

My fave Taco Bell

And this here? Well, it’s only my monster Chicken Chalupa Supreme….yummmm!

My next post will be Strawberry Shortcake.

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