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Junk food ornaments

If there’s something I’m fascinated by, it’s creativity. I’m not artistic, at all! I can’t draw to save my life. I barely passed Art class in junior high! My teacher thought I was kidding when I told him on the first day of class I couldn’t draw. He used to shake his head when he walked by and saw my paintings, the awkward lines on paper. It’s not laziness, and I can see perfectly fine, but get me to remotely replicate what I’m seeing with a writing instrument or paint brush, fuggetaboutit. I probably would have been scarred for life by his attitude hadn’t I known even back then I was more of a left-brainer. LOL.

Whenever my friends and family played Pictionary, I used to beg to not have to draw. Utter dread would come over me whenever it was my turn. Somehow they got used to my hideous attempts at drawing and actually guessed correctly…or maybe they were just extremely lucky. Maybe one day I’ll confront this weakness head-on and do something about it, until then…I’ll just sit idly by and admire the creativity of others.

These cute ornaments were made from junk food packaging.

Cheez-It Santa

Oreo Mama

To view photo in Flickr, go to

To get started, you can find the instructions and necessary materials here.

**Photos from Flickr (*Heather Bailey*)

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