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REVIEW: Ghirardelli’s Signature Brownie & The Domingo

I went here for dessert with my family during the holidays.

REVIEW: Chick-Fil-A’s chargrilled chicken sandwich

I found the juicy, fresh flavor I was looking for at Chick-Fil-A. I'm foreeeeever hooked.

REVIEW: Apple/Caramel/Strawberry Tart & Raspberry/Chocolate Truffle

It's going to be tough steering me away from these two desserts if they're available.

REVIEW: Jake’s Truffle Cake & NY Cheesecake

My Jake's Truffle Cake (a flourless chocolate cake, OMG!) was soooooooo worth the wait. I was on Cloud 9 and levitating.

REVIEW: Sweet Factory

Sweet Factory's pretzels are the best!

REVIEW: Berry Medley Crêpe

I counted 17 crêpes on the menu, but this won-out.

REVIEW: Razzleberry & Chocolate Satin Pies

Anyone who's wanting, craving, yearning for pie, head over to a Marie Callender's, STAT.

REVIEW: A dessertie’s dream

Extraordinary Desserts is simply that, extra-ordinary.

REVIEW: Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Glazed

It's just not the same without all the trans fats!!!

REVIEW: Taste of Downtown

I went to a total of 18 restaurants. At one point, my stomach was hatin' me.

REVIEW: Starbucks Lemon Loaf

This could be the start of me going to a Starbucks more often.

REVIEW: Carrot Bundt Cake & Wild Berry Smoothie

I am holding out for the ultimate carrot cake, which in all likelihood will have pineapple as a key ingredient.

I’ve had the time of my life!

I think by now it's fairly obvious, I'm a dessertie! :-)

REVIEW: Old Fashion Fudge Cake

Moist layers of chocolate cake, and the chocolate icing....oh my! Each bite practically melted in my mouth. I left before I talked myself into ordering another slice....it was that good!

REVIEW: Jack in the Box Mango Smoothie & $1 coupon

I was surprised to see how much non-fat yogurt they actually use, which makes it not quite a “real fruit smoothie” in my book, but it's still goooood nonetheless.

REVIEW: Krunch Time’s Frozen Banana

It's summer and I've been looking for ways to stay cool. One store, Krunch Time, mainly known for its popcorn, sells Frozen Bananas. I'd never eaten one before, so who am I to resist when I spotted the sign?

REVIEW: Costco’s Berry Smoothie and Churro

Their Churro isn’t the only winner.

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry’s Iced TeaZer & more

Well, at the eleventh hour, I figured since I mentioned this one-day $.99 event, I might as well partake...and I barely made it before they closed. I ended up with the 4 food groups--that's right, Ben & Jerry's TeaZer, cookie and brownie........and fries from Steak Escape.

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