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Grand Floridian Resort

What a pleasant surprise in the lobby!

Chocolate World

Thank goodness for Hershey's and chocolate, and the cocoa bean farmers.

National Macadamia Nut Day

'Twas two days ago (September 4th).

Easter Chocolates, Part 2

Chocolate is art.

Easter Chocolates

The Easter Bunny would approve.

I’m so not a flowers kind of gal…

...But chocolate's a whole 'nother story. :D

Camp Good Grief’s Gingerbread Village, Part 2

Help me identify all the goodies on the Entry Tower. :p

Camp Good Grief’s Gingerbread Village, Part 1

The amount of detail and sweet treats that went into this village is unbelievable.

Peabody Hotel’s Gingerbread House

Pounds of yumminess went into making this!

Valentine’s Day Goodies

I know Valentine's Day is 2 days away...but better later than never!

World’s Largest Gingerbread House

It took 1,700 hours to build this 67-foot sweeeeet house.

Video Clip: Sony Products…candified

Sure made me want a candy cane cell phone!!!

Christmas goodies

Here are some yummy treats to help ya plan for Santa and the Elves' arrival.

Thanksgiving Goodies

Here are a dozen Thanksgiving chocolates that are all the cuteness! Order now!

Real “Halloween” Chocolate

Bookmark the website for next October!

Dangerous candy: Handle with care

Careful where you lick!

Gigantic Gummy Bear

Such cuteness! Made from 13 lbs of gummy bears!

Cocoa butter -> vegetable oil in candy bars

Due to cost, Vegetable Oil has replaced Cocoa Butter in the following candy bars: Whatchamacallit, Milk Duds, Mr. Goodbar, and Krackel.  Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar ARE not affected.

The makings of a ginormous Kit Kat

I can't go two months without a single candy bar. It's just NOT gonna happen.

FUN PIC: Hummer unveils prototype

This Hummer is sweeeeeeet, huh? The colors were painstakingly hand-painted by professionals.

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