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We wanted some ‘Q!

Jeff and I had lunch at a BBQ restaurant in Bartlett.

June is…

I'm giving my favorite Iced Tea drinks their props.

Beer Christmas Trees

Got beer? Make tree.

Bling H2O

Could this be the most expensive bottled water?

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

This guy had it bad for Dew. He built this. Had to be the caffeine.

Pepsi ads

Tell me you can't look at photos #2 & #4 and chuckle...or at least smile.

Shaken, not stirred: Chocolate Martinis

Lordy. I want one of those.....like now!!!!!

The World’s Largest Beer…& Burger

14,691,592 Fl. Oz. Beer and 123-pound Burger. Ask for a few dozen doggie bags.

This coffee is good to the last droppings!

The world's most expensive coffee is the Kopi Luwak.

REVIEW: Carrot Bundt Cake & Wild Berry Smoothie

I am holding out for the ultimate carrot cake, which in all likelihood will have pineapple as a key ingredient.

FUN PIC: Ugh oh, Pepsi wins!

For those of you who think Soda Wars don't exist, is this proof enough?

There’s whaaat in this beer?

So what made me google "chocolate beer" is beyond me!!! Sometimes I'm wEiRd like that.

World’s Largest Smoothie

7 blenders, 3.5 hours of blending and over 195 gallons of smoothie yummyness.

REVIEW: Jack in the Box Mango Smoothie & $1 coupon

I was surprised to see how much non-fat yogurt they actually use, which makes it not quite a “real fruit smoothie” in my book, but it's still goooood nonetheless.

REVIEW: Costco’s Berry Smoothie and Churro

Their Churro isn’t the only winner.

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry’s Iced TeaZer & more

Well, at the eleventh hour, I figured since I mentioned this one-day $.99 event, I might as well partake...and I barely made it before they closed. I ended up with the 4 food groups--that's right, Ben & Jerry's TeaZer, cookie and brownie........and fries from Steak Escape.

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