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Spam: Not the stuff in your email in-box!

So I’m reading an article about Spam and how Hawaiians consume 6 million of them each year! What caught my attention was President Barack Obama was mentioned as snacking on a “Spam-filled sushi-like concoction” in Hawaii last December. So I did some more digging, and found another article with more details. He was eating “Spam musubi – Spam and a fried egg on a bed of rice, held together with a strip of dried seaweed”. While I’m accustomed to eating “California Rolls”, which typically have avocado, crab, and rice…curiosity got the best of me in what Spam Musubi looked like. This seems to be the prevalent photo in Google:

Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi

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I don’t see a trace of fried egg in the above photo, so I pressed on ’til I found a blog with photos and a recipe!!!

Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi with fried egg

Also, a Huffington Post article mentions three sites (,, with recipes and a video clip.

Goodness, I could totally go for California Rolls right about now! 🙂

Far from being a sushi snob, my all-time favorite sushi joint is Ken Zaburo Restaurant in Kirkland, Washington. Yumm! And if I ever win the lottery, for 3 straight days, I’ll feast on sushi!!! My first stop will be Urasawa ($275 per person) on Rodeo (pronounced Row-Day-Oh) Drive in Beverly Hills. Check out the photos! The following nights, I’ll head to Katsu-ya in Encino and Kazu Sushi in Studio City, where reportedly they have equally delicious sushi.

Launch the Forbes’ slideshow of “The World’s Most Expensive Sushi”.

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