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REVIEW: Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel White Chocolate Cheesecakes

I wanted my date to experience perhaps one of the best cheesecake places he'll ever come across in this lifetime.

Confederate Park

During the Spring, this was my "spot" to enjoy sunny days.

Tale of two trolleys

You're about to see the views while you're on the Riverfront Loop trolley. :)

REVIEW: Moon Mountain Torte

This dessert is astronomically goood! :P

REVIEW: Kooky Canuck, TGI Friday’s (& downtown Memphis pics!)

No longer will my burger cravings go unsatisfied.

Halloween Cupcakes

I found these spooktacular Halloween "treats"...

REVIEW: World Famous Huey Burger…& The Rockslide

I was ready. I wanted to be won over. I want my life to be whole again.

REVIEW: Superior Restaurant & Bar’s Burger

I'm desperately trying to find a replacement for In-N-Out.

Big Scoop Ice Cream Festival

My brownie "sundae" :-P

REVIEW: Coffee Caramel & Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cheesecakes

I have it goooood when it comes to cheesecakes!

REVIEW: Peanut Butter Pie

Let this be a lesson to me because this pie was sooo amazing, paper plate and all.

REVIEW: Chocolate Mousse Cake (and oh yeah, bikes on Beale too!)

It took less a minute before the cake began slouching from the warm air.

REVIEW: Strawberry Napoleon &….a chocolate cookie

Of course, you could always play it smart by eating a summer dessert like this one.

REVIEW: Skillet Biscuits & Sunday Gravy

This is "comfort food" for me.

Riverside Drive and Tom Lee Park

The weekends are all about getting two full days of enjoyment before it's back to the grind on Monday.

REVIEW: Apple Dumpling…then chocooooolate galore

The chocolate mousse was velvety rich, smooth, and ridiculously good.

In & around Beale Street

These photos are pretty much in order of our stroll and what we encountered.

Along Front Street in Memphis

The best thing about sightseeing on foot is not missing out on all the surrounding beauty.

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