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The Tin Fish

Going without, sucks.

Chocolate ball-covered strawberry

I "picked" this particular strawberry from Peabody Deli and Desserts in the Peabody Hotel.

June is…

I'm giving my favorite Iced Tea drinks their props.

Celebrated with good eats

I had gotten word I would be working again soon.

Whole Foods’s bakery, June 2010 edition

And unlike last time, resistance was futile. :p

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

Dieting is overrated.

REVIEW: Turtle Cheesecake, Chocolate Bar, and French Silk Pie

I could get used to splurging. :p

Apple Pie & Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

There are some things in life--like dessert decisions--that require careful deliberation y'know. :p

Easter cupcakes

Yes, I know I'm *only* a month late. :p

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #18-#25)

This is my last San Diego dessert post.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #15-#17)

Any dessertie would love their healthy dose of chocolate shavings on a cake.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #12-14)

You tell me if you wouldn't want to jump in your car with your p.j.'s on for one of these.

More S.D. desserts to try (Dessert #11)

This is one of those "too pretty to eat" desserts.

More S.D. desserts to try ….NOT (Dessert #10)

It was good while it lasted though.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #8 & #9)

Look aren't everything, y'know.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #6 & #7)

Two more goodies from Hans & Harry's Bakery.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #4 & #5)

I wasn't the least bit disappointed either.

More S.D. desserts to try (Desserts #1-3)

These light springtime desserts are delightful.

Final two Dreamy Desserts (Desserts #14 & #15)

Both of these will leave you wanting me more.

Desserts for Valentine’s Day (Desserts #10 & #11)

Don't think I'll ever pass up Fruit Tarts ever again!

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