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Walkin’ in Memphis

Walking in Memphis
Walking with my feet ten feet off of the Beale
Walking in Memphis
Do I really feel the way I feel

Summertime here in Memphis means I’m at full throttle exploring. I spend all my free time outside.  During the Spring, pollen kicks my behind  ’cause my allergies flare up and it’s not pretty. And because Summer started early this year, I’ve been a happy camper except when it’s hot and icky humid, and that’s never pretty either.

Different story in San Diego where I grew up. It’s pretty much sunny….and nice….and gorgeous year-round 10 months out of the year.

Last Summer, I wore Easy Spirits walking shoes in getting acclimated with Memphis, and have since replaced it with 3 Reeboks (I scored big time ’cause they were on sale!).

Lineup of Reeboks

Lineup of the 3 Reeboks I got a smokin’ deal on


I use these when the forecasters are calling for possible rain


I switch-off between this pair and the blue one (next photo)


This is in their DMX line, and probably my fave of the 3

But if money were no object, I would have bought a pair of these…..and one in all the other colors too.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Running Shoe

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Running Shoe
I fell in love lust with these at Sports Authority

To view photo in Flickr, go to

They’re so comfy….and hotttt-lookin’. I’m a chick and gosh darn it, looks matters! The posts are bad ass. They give off that ” wear me and you’ll be able to ‘leap tall buildings in a single bound’ ” vibe.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Running Shoe

Have you seen anything hotter??!!

Slip your feet in ’em and you’ll think you’re walkin’ around in a pair of fuzzy house slippers.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Running Shoe

Jeff snapped this shot with his camera

I popped in Feet Fleet Sports to see which pairs of Mizuno they carried. Pay close attention ’cause it resembles my dreamy ones (above).

Women's Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5 Running Shoe

Hint: No hotttt posts!
My guess is this is the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5 Running Shoe

I’ve put my Reeboks to good use in the past month or so.  I might as well admit I’m working on a tan too.

And since I’m already on the subject of feet gear, my favorite line of athletic socks are Thor-Lo.  They’re thicker than most brands, and I have pairs that have lasted for years.

Next post is a church that CVS wants to demolish.

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  1. It’s really a shame that you can’t get the Mizunos. I think the Reeboks are hideous. But those Mizunos are beyond beautiful.

    1 Posted by Wow | August 2, 2010, 4:25 pm

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