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Memphis Beat

I’d been seeing previews of a new TV series called “Memphis Beat” starring Jason Lee premiering on June 22nd on TNT. Of course since I live in Memphis, I had spent a full 12.8 seconds thinking if I had seen any film crews around town, and didn’t put any more thought into it.  The other day I spotted a huge sign hanging on a parking garage right across from Gibson Guitars. How exciting! A TV show filmed here! We could use the boost in the local economy.

Well, by all accounts (that’s if you trust my nifty Googling skills), I found out the show is not filmed here, nor anywhere in the state or neighboring states, but in N’awlins. Huh? Beats me why they didn’t rename it. Well, I’ve already marked my calendar and plan on staying glued to the couch to watch the first episode. I hope they at least have some brief shots around Memphis like the pyramid, Beale Street, and trolley. The Memphis police station is on Poplar Avenue and this sculpture is only a couple short blocks away. At the very least, it should get its few seconds of fame. After the show airs, I’ll report back for you inquiring minds which snippets are truly Memphis. Somebody’s gotta do it, and it might as well be me!

Memphis Beat

This parking garage is right across the street from the Gibson Guitar Showcase building

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Memphis Beat

Jason Lee’s character is a cop by day and Elvis impersonator by night. This should be interesting! :p
Personally, it’d be coool if he sang “Jail House Rock” at least once!

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Memphis Beat

My guess is “Lee’s Landing Garage” has to do with the TV show,  premiering exactly two weeks from today!

Not trying to keep you in suspense (honest!), so my next post will definitely….most certainly….positively be the 3 goodies from a bakery in Little Rock or I shouldn’t be a dessert blogger.

UPDATE June 30, 2010: I watched 2 episodes… and just can’t get into liking it.

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