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Halloween Recipes

Hey Ghouls & Goblins, I found some ewwwwwwwwwie recipes if you were pondering what to bake for Howl-o-ween.  Most of you are probably familiar with this one:

Kitty Litter Cake

Click here for recipe.

I’ve always wanted to make this cake, but was too afraid no one would wanna try it once they saw the tootsie rolls. LOL.

And those of you who dissected a frog in high school Science class and had nightmares from it, close your eyes now!  I’ll wait………………………you probably thought I was kidding.

I will not, I repeat, absolutely will not, be responsible for any Post-Traumatic Stress from viewing the purty cakes! LOL. Speaking of Science class, we got to dissect a dead cat. There wasn’t just one cat we all had to share, I’m talkin’ at least half a dozen. Weird thing is I was more offended by the formaldehyde permeating the air. That reminds me….one guy in my group fervently gave our poor kitty a lobotomy and our teacher was totally cool with it.

Ribbit no more

Click here for recipe.

Witches’ Fingers

Click here to see how you too can get this lovely manicure.

Warning: It’s about to get gruesome. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Zombie Cake

See how this hunk came to be.

Thorax Cake

To view photo in Flickr, go to

Click here for the baker’s how-to guide for the thoracic cavity.

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